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Research and Development Services

Our company offers research opportunities for those who are interested in exploring the genealogy, agriculture science, genetics, nutrients, and environmental factors. We can tailor a trial with your strains and methods of choice to help you optimize your existing growing processes.


Nutrient Variable Research

Our Team can remove, add, or test combinations of nutrients you want to give a try. Nutrient balancing and discovering your own SOP can be touchy and challenging, we offer space for trials with such research and can help you find that steady nutrient line you like to run.


Strain Testing

Testing a strains durability, vigor, yield, quality, terpenes and much more are important to cannabis cultivators. Allow us to work together to discover the best crop to grow for you and your operation.


Environmental Factors and Variability

We can manipulate our R&D Zone to test certain environmental variables that you may want to try in your facility. 


...and More!

The possibilities are limitless in research and education in our community. Working together is how we evolve and become the best version of ourselves. We hope to form a fruitful relationship that can build towards an amazing partnership. For contact info, see below.


Get in Touch With Us!

Contact us via email or phone call for pricing, size of trial, layout, data analytics, and

more! Please refer to our contact page for your tailored trials Today!


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